JustTextGiving by Vodafone

Terms and Conditions

The Guidelines:

You can find some useful information about the JustTextGiving £100 challenge (the "Challenge") on the Vodafone Hub.

To enter the Challenge you must:

  • Be a UK based employee of one of the following companies:
    • Vodafone Limited; or
    • Vodafone Group Services Limited.
  • Select a UK-registered charity to raise funds for. Note, if your charity isn't a JustGiving member charity you'll need to follow the JustTextGiving 'nominate a charity' process to get their approval to raise funds for them. In support of the £100 challenge, JustGiving are providing 3 months membership for free, you can find out more on the Vodafone Hub.
  • Set up your own JustTextGiving code (also known as a Vodafone Individual Code or "VIC") for your chosen charity via the Employee Fundraising Hub, or link a VIC you already have. This is how we'll monitor how much we're raising. We won't be able to match funds raised on a VIC which is not connected to the Fundraising Hub.

If you raise at least £100 of text donations (excluding GiftAid) via JustTextGiving between 16 September 2013 and 24 December 2013 we'll double it and pay £100 of matched funds to your charity.

You can add a maximum of two VICs, supporting two different charities, to the Fundraising hub for the challenge and receive up to £200 of matched funds (£100 matched funding limit per VIC), even if you raise more than £100 (subject to availability of Vodafone Foundation matched funding).

Once you reach £100, you will no longer be able to unlink or switch the individual code you are using for the challenge.

If you are fundraising as part of a group with more than one eligible employee, each of you must have your own personal VIC as we can only make one £100 matched funding payment per employee and VIC.

Although you must have your own VIC, you can carry out fundraising activities with colleagues. If you've already got a VIC that friends or family members (not Vodafone employees) are using as well, you can still use this VIC to claim the £100.

If you raise more than £100, or money through alternative means (i.e. online donations) you can get the rest of the money matched via the normal employee matched funding scheme. If you're a Vodafone mobile employee you can apply for matched funding here; if you're a fixed line employee you can apply for matched funding here. Remember, the £100 you raise, and resulting matched funds through the Challenge cannot be matched again.

Other information:

  • Where we need to, we'll use your details to run the Challenge, verify details and contact you.
  • We'll try and fulfil our obligations to run the Challenge smoothly however we will not be responsible if something happens which isn't in our reasonable control.
  • We reserve the right to decline support where the fundraising event may conflict with Vodafone's values and principles.
  • You must follow these rules or we may have to disqualify you!
  • By entering the Challenge we'll take that as your acceptance of these rules.
  • The Challenge opens on Monday 16 September 2013 and closes at 23:59 on 24 December 2013. Sorry but money raised after this time will not be counted towards the Challenge.

If you have any questions or want more info please email justtextgiving.challenge@vodafone.com.

Good luck.